The Cloth Craze

Cloth Craze you ask? Cloth craze are posts about my addiction. An addiction to clothes? NOPE (but I have that problem too!) An addiction to cloth diapers. I am a proud addict. Most people look forward to getting past the diaper stage. I, on the other hand, will miss this stage! I will miss buying all those cute prints and seeing those cute "big" butts! I am going to start a post every Sunday about my cloth craze. I might share fun little stories or tips! I am not here to debate cloth Vs sposies because that's just one topic, I'd rather stay away from!

Diaper courtesy of wigglewormbottoms
A lot of people ask why I cloth diapers when it seems easier to just use disposables (sposies). This is what I have to tell them.

First off I'm cheap! I don't know if anyone has noticed but sposies are EXPENSIVE! What's the average cost of diapers? $37/box of 144. Let's see we have AT LEAST 6 diaper changes a day. So let's do the math 144/6=24 days. so there are 365 days a year and 365/24 = 15.2. So about 15 times a year I'll be buying a box of diapers at $37 a pop. That's $562.70 a year! My last two girls potty trained shortly after turning 2 so let's say 30 months just to be completely sure! 562.70 x 2.5= $1406.75! Now that doesn't count all the blow outs, diaper creams, garbage bags and other needless things I am going to need! That's a lot of money! BTW I spent about $200 on diapers for Kambree, $300 for Sydnee and $250 for Isabelle. This includes all my necessities like a pail, wet bags and wipes.

On to numero dos! My girls have sensitive skin. They still get the occasional rash (anyone that says there child has never had a rash can't be telling the truth, can they?) But most their rashes are due to food allergies now and I know their little butts have the soft cloth on their bottoms!

NUMBER THREE! They are just too cute! I don't think I know anyone that can honestly say that they aren't cute! It's one more thing to shop for (yes I love shopping!) There are such a variety of prints that you can let your imagine run wild!
Another diaper from wiggleworm bottoms and strutting her babylegs!


Stephanie said...

Love it! I'm a cloth diaper Auntie! I have a Nanipoo that is just waiting for a baby wear it & more on the way! I'm looking forward to reading more about your CDs! Are you on Diaperswappers?

tara said...

awwwwwwww! I love the little cloth diaper butt!