The Cloth Craze

So it is Sunday again! Today I decided to talk about MY laundry techniques. Being a mom of 4 girls, simple is best. First thing is laundry detergent. I have always been told to avoid detergents with enzymes. Well to a first time cloth diapering mom that can seem overwhelming. The thought of dragging four kids to the store and trying to find an enzyme free detergent? Well don't fear, MY favorite brand is All Free and Clear. The price is affordable as well! Which is very important since in our town, everything is already so expensive!

Now that we have the detergent covered, let's work on that smell! My two favorite methods of washing diapers are as follows.

Method 1:Cold wash with soap and baking soda. Hot wash with vinegar. Cold rinse. If diaper smell is still strong after the Hot wash, I will add a little more baking soda to this rinse. Then I dry!

Method 2: Cold wash with soap. Hot wash with Tea Tree Oil. Cold rinse. Dry.

Occasionally, I will splurge and order some deoboost but honestly, I haven't noticed any difference when using them. I do LOVE it in the diaper pail though! Add a scoop full when you do your wash so it will help keep the smell at bay!

Now I know there are MANY different opinions on laundry methods for cloth diapers. My thoughts are to find something that WORKS for you! I have never had build up (knock on wood) and never had problems with smell.

If you enjoyed cloth craze, please come back next Sunday for some more cloth chatter!