The Eye Patch Kids!!

I was introduced to this site and Kelly's product very recently. A close friend of mine has a daughter that needed to wear a patch for an eye problem. She was trying to get votes for this wonderful and creative WAHM and her unique product!

Kelly's son was diagnosed with amblyopia (Lazy eye). He could lose the vision in his eye if he didn't wear an eye patch. Of course putting anything on a 2 year old's eyes is going to be impossible! So Kelly made a little dvd with puppets that would persuade him to keep his patch on. After a lot of research, she realized there wasn't another resource for kids. She has recieved HUNDREDS of emails thanking her for her wonderful and affordable product!

Here is a little something one very pleased customer had to say!

Peyton was not a fan of wearing her eye patch now that she is 3 years old. She felt like the odd child out with it on. The Eye Patch Kids made her feel like she was completely normal. She now feels like she is the lucky one over her siblings who do not need eye patches. The DVD was a complete success & we are ever so thankful to Kelly Harmsen for creating it. We highly recommend this DVD. Peyton's Story
Now here is how you can help recognize this very talented mom! Go to Leading Moms in Business and cast your vote! Please do so everyday until Voting ends at midnight Pacific Time, March 31, 2009.

I highly recommend this video for anyone that has a child with this condition. It would also make a great gift for your family and friends dealing with this condition!


Virginia said...

♥♥♥ Thank-you so much Gena!! This is FANTASTIC! I'm sure Kelly will appreciate all the support! ♥♥♥