My husband rocks!

I know it's been awhile and I need to brag about this husband of mine! I just love him so much! He is working so hard on his career and I'm just so proud of him! Tonight we went to dinner, JUST THE TWO OF US! It was so incredible having alone time with him after being away from him for 2 days. yes I am a total baby and hate being away from him. Here are some pictures after we got home.

I told him that he needed to open his eyes LOL
So he did! Now why can't he listen to me all the time! This man is the one that owns my heart and has combined his soul with mine!

Can you tell he is just a little tired! I guess getting up at 6:30 after a late night of studying, having a physical test, Defensive Tactics test and then a written test can be pretty tiring! I'm just so proud of him!


Jen said...

YAY...glad you guys got some alone time before he leaves! : )

tara said...

How nice! Those chance do not come up often enough!

The Littlewoods said...

stoney's such a nerd and yes i can say that cause he is my brother

Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

Alone time is good for the soul! Hubby and I went out to dinner alone last night.