Tackle It Tuesday 2.17.09


Wow for my Tackle it Tuesday, I didn't tackle just ONE project, I tackled 4 kids! Today was Day 1 of hubby being gone. You'd think that things wouldn't be too bad yet! WRONG. My dad was out of town today so I had to take Ashley to school. I load all 4 kids in the car, drive the four blocks to school and drop her off. Drive back home and unload all the kids. Get them dressed for the day. Load them back up and drop Isabelle off. Go feed the horse across town and get to the church for a girl scout parent meeting. Where my clingy 2 year old and my teething, clingy 8 month old decided that mom didn't need to fill out any papers, right??

Phew I need a break after reliving just those moments. We went home for a breather and then picked Isabelle up from school. Then I got to make lunch and FINALLY sit! Oh and did I mention it's COLD outside! I was super blessed today when I went to the post office and got Kambree's SKR shoes in!! How could anyone not cheer up after that kind of mail! Watch for the review coming next week!! Oh and a giveaway!!

My last Tackle it Project, I managed to get this posted before Wednesday!


Jen said...

Sorry you had such a rough day! Hope today is better : ). Those shoes are adorable!

jess said...

I don't envy you. It's hard enough with my two and my nephew- with four, omg!!! You're a saint.

David said...

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