Week 1 of 10 to come

I mentioned in my introduction that my husband is currently attending the police academy. Well today is the beginning. From now until April 30, he will be only home on weekends. He went up last Thursday so he could take his tests on Friday. He passed his physical and Defensive Tactics tests. But has to retake his written tomorrow. We went through this separation in 2006 when he went to the academy for corrections. So hopefully it flies by just as quickly as that did! I really have to give those women a hand that have their husbands gone a lot! I count on Stoney so much! Aside from being my wonderfully sweet husband and working, he takes care of our horse and dogs. He is the one that will run to the store when it's cold. We don't get home delivery either so he goes to the post office so I don't have to drag the kids out. He just makes my life so much easier. He also cooks! When I need a break in the evenings, he plays with the girls, helps with homework and everything! So for the next 10 weeks, things are going to get pretty crazy here as I'm juggling being a part time single mom. He's been gone for 3 hours and I can already feel my brain just get MUSHY! But he did manage to help me by making sure my gas tank is full, we have groceries in the house, and I have chocolate! I told you he was sweet! I will be updating a lot over the next 10 weeks about the craziness. I'm sure there will be a lot of laughs, crying and fantasies of a maid! So stick around and watch what's coming!


Jami said...

Good Luck Gena! Andrue is only gone for 2 weeks and I only have one kid and I am dying so I cant even imagine how you feel and what you are going through. But I hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Gena! I hope the time flies by for you guys.

Felicia said...

Bless your heart! April 30 isn't that far away!