Simply Breastfeeding DVD Review

I have breastfed my last three daughters exclusively. I did attempt with my first daughter and failed miserably! What led to my failure was my lack of knowledge about breastfeeding. I was told that she was eating too often because she wasn't getting enough. I was told that my milk was not enough by an RN! So I believed it. I started to give her formula. When I began nursing my third daughter, I started researching breastfeeding. I realized that I was lied to. I felt cheated out of my breastfeeding relationship. I went on to successful exclusively breastfeed my next three daughters! I'm still nursing my 9 month old. But the other two nursed for 18 months!

Shari Criso teaches a breastfeeding class known as “Simply Breastfeeding: The Criso Breastfeeding Method”. Now this class is offered on DVD! This makes it easy for all new moms to find a resourceful class that is informative!

About Shari
Shari Criso is a Certified Nurse Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, nationally recognized parenting educator, entrepreneur, and most importantly, loving wife & proud mother of two amazing daughters, Jade and Talia (ages 7 and 4).

I found that Simply Breastfeeding is an extremely informative resource. Because I breastfed for so long and researched thoroughly, I thought for sure it wouldn't teach me anything. I was proved wrong! The Simply Breastfeeding DVD combined with a workbook helps new parents learn how to have a successful breastfeeding relationship. It also helps parents learn why they should work for a successful relationship.

Shari Criso expressed the important role that dad's play in the breastfeeding relationship. It's not just a mom's game! Dad's can be just as important in making sure that the breastfeeding relationship goes as desired. Dad's can help mom's reach the goals that are desired.

This DVD should be an easily accessible resource for all pregnant moms that do not have the ability to get to a breastfeeding class. I have heard many times how the lactation consultant was not available leading to a failed breastfeeding relationship. I have also heard all the myths about when your milk comes in. This DVD will reassure you that your baby is not starving! Shari builds your confidence in your body that YOU can do it!

If you are pregnant with your first or fifth baby, check out this DVD from My Baby Experts! It is a 2 hour DVD but it has the convenience of pausing and coming back! So grab a pencil, download your workbook and get to watching!


tara said...

wow! Even though I'm breastfeeding my second this sounds like an amazing DVD! I can't wait to watch it!

Sheila said...

Wow! What a great idea, this will help so many moms who become frustrated.

Shana said...

This sounds great Gena. I wish I knew about it five years ago!

Valerie Williams said...

Very interesting! I'm not bf'ing Aubrey, but I'm not against the idea for our next baby.

Christine said...

This sounds great! I am so happy there is stuff like this out there to help women breastfeed successfully. You can't count on your doctor to tell you enough and unfortunately, most of us have moms who didn't do it and don't know what to tell us!

Anonymous said...