YAY! so accomplished!

WOOHOOO I just have to say that today is the first day I actually feel great this week. Nevermind the constant fussing from Miss Kam cause she needs mama. Nevermind my accident prone Sydnee. I got up, showered, got the kids all dressed before 10! We fed the horse this morning then came back home to hang out and rest. I got the house cleaned while we rested. (It was pretty trashed yesterday.) But I fired the maid so Yay me! LOL.

I took myself and Kam to the dr today. Kam has a double ear infection. She was 16 lbs 5 ozs so the exact same weight that she was in January. Her o2 was 96 so that's good. Her lungs were also clear. But he said with the way RSV is around here right now, I have to bring her back on Friday if she's not improving with the antibiotics. I do have to bring her in immediately if she gets any worse though. I can't give her any solids cause she gags and throws it up. I have a sinus infection that is pretty nasty. So he gave me a zpack and hopefully I will be back to myself by Friday. If not I have to go back in. I just hope this is it!

After all that I ran to the store and got stuff to get us through a couple of days. I actually made dinner instead of reheating or pizza. Plus I got laundry done today! I have ONE load to finish! My goal is to have everything done Friday so when Stoney comes home, it's time to RELAX!