Crib Diaries Day 4

Guess what! Daddy actually put Kam into her crib last night. Of course he looked like I just broke his heart when I told him that she was sleeping in there. This is definitely not the same man I met 4 1/2 years ago. The one that said NO babies in the bed, NEVER seen a cloth diaper or a breastfed 10 month old. Now here he is bending like a willow tree for a 10 month old little girl that can't even talk yet! What about Miss Sydnee and Miss Isabelle. When they look up at him and say "PLEASE" in their quiet little mouse voices. He is the first to cave! How can a 200 lb Tough gun toting man be taken down by a 20 lb little girl. So what if she has big brown eyes and the longest eye lashes. So what that she already has that puppy dog look down!

However, mama didn't give up on her mission to tackle the crib! He did put her in the crib. When she woke up at 10:30 though, he was the one that jumped up to get her. I can see now that this little girl is playing dirty. Time to get the big guns out and invest in a sound machine!