Frecklebox Review

I loathe shopping for kids these days. It seems like children have everything! I’m always trying to find affordable yet unique gifts. I recently stumbled upon a company that provides personalized, unique products. I took the plunge with the thought that these will probably show up on my doorstep and I’m going to hate them. After all, is it really possible to get a personalized
quality product without spending a fortune!

Frecklebox is on a mission to provide educational and entertaining gifts that are still affordable. Frecklebox makes the process of personalizing items very easy and quick. It’s also fun! It also allows you to preview the personalized products with your own personalization. They design their items to please your children and moms.

When we opened the box, the girls were jumping! We were all incredibly excited. In the box was a journal for Ashley. The journal is Tween approved! It is personalized with her full name on the cover. It also has her name on every page as seen below. Now she can write little notes and feel special with each page!

We also found several other items that were both mom and kid approved! The quality was over and beyond anything I expected. I was more than satisfied with not only the superior customer service but the products. The names look like they belong on the products. I ordered Sydnee the zoo book. She is my little animal and I knew this book would fit her so well. This is now her favorite book because it not only has her name on the outside of the cover but throughout the story. Not only does the book have a great story but it has a fun I spy game to help the child look for their name in the picture. This will help her learn to recognize her own name and make it fun for her!

Here are some other products we received from frecklebox that got The Morris Bunch approval. Miss Isabelle was definitely not left out! She was so happy to be able to see her name on the stickers! She can use them to personalize everything that she owns with these cute sturdy stickers. I was expecting the stickers to be on the smaller side but was very impressed with the size and the durability of these stickers! I highly recommend Frecklebox for all your gifting needs!

Frecklebox provides growth charts, placemats, posters and more. Personalized books only cost $19.95-$34.95. Puzzles are only $12.95. These are just samples of the affordable prices! Hop on over to frecklebox and get your own personalized items!