Momdot Fever

I woke up this morning feeling so giddy and excited because I got to interact with the wonderful mamas at momdot! We had Friday Night Live last night and it was just what I needed! For the past few days I haven't been able to access the site because of an issue with servers and ISPs and some interesting stuff. So now I'm trying to get over my funk since losing momdot. At Friday Night Live last night, I learned an important tip for blogging. SEO. I have never quite understood this. But the BEAUTIFUL Trisha explained it in terms that this CRAZY mama understood! A great big thank you! I love all the things that Trisha does to help mom bloggers. I was very blessed to have found Momdot when I first started writing reviews. Now I know that when I get overwhelmed I can strive harder and work on my writing. I'm not an expert and quite possibly bore people to death. But I found something that I absolutely love! So I'm going to continue to keep going! Thanks MOMDOT!