Pass the drink!

Make it hard and mixed! I have had such a crazy week that I feel like NOTHING is getting done! Thanks to that darn bunny, my house is full of candy! Did I mention that he fooled me by not leaving any candy at MY house and left it at Papa's house. Yes, that rascally rabbit! Not only did he leave candy at Papa's house but he left enough to supply a small candy store for a week! I think that I'm going to be sending the dentist bill to E. B. Rabbit's house! If he refuses to pay up, then I might have to post a recipe of rabbit stew!

Tuesday was also another big day for me. I turned the big 27. Yeah I know, it's going to only get bigger! But this is the first year that I actually don't feel like a "young" mom. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel old either! But after nearly 10 years of being a mom, I don't feel like such an amateur! I did enjoy some of my day. I took the younger girls to breakfast then went shopping with MY birthday money. What did I buy? Well stuff for the girls of course! Plus some necessities for the house. Tissue, dish soap and light bulbs. I could have gotten a much needed pedicure but the smile on the girls faces was worth it!

Well now that my living room floor has been re-carpeted with laffy taffy, chocolate bunny ears, and marshmallow peeps. I think I'm going to make that drink and read a book surrounded with bubbles. Afterall, the laundry can wait til tomorrow right?