So does anyone else have the same problems I have? Setting a goal and then having a hard time finishing it. There are some goals that I can stick with and some that just elude me. The biggest one is trying to stick with a routine or schedule. Especially right now with a new baby. I am hoping that once school starts I can get into a better routine. The girls don't have any after school activities. So I'm going to try to plan one day each with them where I spend a little extra time just talking about what's going on. I am going to do a majority of my cleaning on Tues-Thurs while Isabelle is in school too. That will give me the little break I need I hope! Let's just hope the two little ones agree. On top of getting into more of a routine, I'm going to get better organized! Which means getting rid of a few things too! Then I'm going to top off my goal list to the third and final thing. Becoming a better shopper! What I mean by that is I'm going to start a menu and try to stick with it. It's hard right now when Stoney's working nights and it's just me and Sydnee. We just kind of eat whatever! I'm also including the dining room table with this goal. I want to sit at the table each night and eat dinner together as a family. 20 minutes of nothing but us. No tv, no phone, no computer. So let's see how well I can stick with my goals! One day at a time!