So everyone knows by now, I do a majority of my shopping online. Heck I'm 50 miles from the nearest Walmart or even major grocery store chain! Not to mention 100 miles from the nearest target, mall or Old Navy. With gas prices today I have learned it's just easier to shop online. No dragging kids to the store for one thing and walking out with 20 things! One of my favorite stores is www.mom4life.com. This is a wonderful site. It has everything an expecting mom, new mom or experienced mom would need! They are currently holding another contest that allows you to win a pair of lighted nail clippers. Now how many times have we all cut our babies during this scary task. This helps prevent that! So it's something we should all want to win right! If you are interested or just know others that would be interested, share here! http://mom4life.typepad.com/mom_4_life/2008/08/baby-light-clip.html#comments


Mom 4 Life said...

Thanks for your link to our giveaway:), I can relate to your story of shopping on line to save on gas, I am the same way!