The Great Mouse Adventure

Ok let's just get it out in the open. I washed a mouse! Yes, a real live dirty looking mouse! Okay so it was dead when I washed it but still it was alive at some point! Now how did I get to the point where I washed a mouse, you ask? Let me tell you about it!

I was washing some clothes and went to take them out to hang them up so they could dry. When I grabbed them out, I seen something and jumped, dropping the clothes back into the washer. (Did I mention I have a BIG fear of mice). So I looked in and there it was! A mouse just dead as can be. I about puked in the washer. So I slammed the washer down and ran to the bedroom for the phone. I call Stoney at work and tell him that he needs to get a mouse out of my washer as soon as he gets off work. Well I sat here about dry heaving just at the thought there was this disgusting creature in my washer! So I called my brother. Him and Cheyanna came over to get it out for me. Of course he got a kick out of it saying "Oh it's just bones." Talk about GROSS!

So how did this mouse come to be in my washer? I have 2 kittens (we had 3 til the neighbor killed one on accident) that I guess killed one and brought it in. I know my other cat didn't do it because she doesn't leave much left of a mouse when she gets a hold of it and she doesn't like to show it off. These kittens keep sneaking inside if you give them an inch. Right now they are lucky I didn't shoot them. Okay not really I love them even if they made me wash a mouse!

So that's how the mouse was washed in my washer. @@


Jen said...

LMAO! I bet not many people can say they washed a dead mouse in their washing machine!