Sydnee's first day of school and others

Sydnee has started a weekly class that requires us to travel 100 miles once a week. It is a toddler class with early intervention. She had her first day Monday January 5. It lasts 1 1/2 hours. She is the only girl in a class of boys. Quite a different world for her since she doesn't know very many boys! She did pretty well. I had to stay with her a majority of the time but she warmed up a little. As soon as she turns 3 we will move her to a preschool locally.

This is one of the dresses from Amie. She had to try it on. LOL
103_1015.jpg picture by hisminenours6
Sydnee ready to go to school. Wearing another outfit from Amie!
103_1037.jpg picture by hisminenours6
Kambree fell asleep in her jumper one day.
103_1013.jpg picture by hisminenours6
The girls playing
103_1022.jpg picture by hisminenours6
Sydnee is so silly
103_1027.jpg picture by hisminenours6


Jami said...

I cant believe how big your girls are getting, I am really excited to see all you guys this weekend!