Baby Shower Giveaway by 3kidsandus

Check out the products here! Crayola Beginnings 3 kids and us is offering a giveaway that a lucky reader will be able to win! What mom wouldn't LOVE one or more of these products! I know I'm patiently waiting for one!

Here is a little something of what 3kidsandus had to say about this line!

As a mom, it made it much easier for me to relax while she played with the markers because they are washable. If you have a second to watch the video you can see how she enjoyed taking the marker off the paper. While markers aren’t completely mess free, they were very easy to clean off her skin. I like to think of the Scribble Station as her personal fun assistant. I didn’t have to direct all of her coloring activities but I did get to participate in them. It’s nice to have that special ten minutes of mommy-daughter time each day.
So take a moment and hop on over to her site for a chance to win something for those little ones!