The Cloth Craze 3.1.09

The Top Ten Reasons To Cloth Diaper

by Gena Morris

#1. Your baby's comfort.

A disposable diaper is similar to wearing a maxi pad all day everyday. Who would want to wear one of those longer than necessary! I know I prefer my cotton panties to a paper product! What do you think your child would feel more comfortable wearing.

#2. The environment.

"Diapers made up 3.4 million tons of waste, or 2.1 percent of U.S. garbage, in landfills in 1998 -- the last year this information was collected, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Diapers in landfills in underdeveloped countries are especially problematic because they often aren't properly disposed, and excrement leaks into the local water supply." Elisa Batista

#3. Save money.

I personally have spent about $750 on all my cloth diapering needs for 3 kids! I did the math in a previous post of Cloth Craze but here ya go again! $1406 per child to wear disposable diapers for 30 months. That's over $4000! To figure it out for yourself check out the calculator on Diaper pin.

#4. Potty training is easier, and happens earlier.

Cloth diapered children tend to potty train sooner than if they wore disposable diapers. This is because when the diaper is wet, they can feel the sensation. Disposable diapers are meant to keep babies feeling dry. My girls personally potty trained shortly after turning 2. What's even better is they both did it on their own! No incentives, no reward charts, just plain old self pride!

#5. Cotton diapers are gel free.

Polyacrylate gel in diapers is a relatively new phenomenon, and no one really knows what the long term effects are. It also leaches moisture from your babies skin. Additionally, disposables are full of dioxins. While non-organic cotton cloth diapers can also have dioxins, they typically are washed out within the first few pre-washes (before your baby will ever wear them), however one-use-only disposables are never rid of them. Additionally, and perhaps the most compelling reason to use cloth diapers, is that disposable diapers containing polyacrylate gel are suspected of exacerbating, and even causing, asthma.

#6. Cloth diapers are so much better looking.

Who can deny that a cloth diaper is so much cuter than a disposable! There are so many different prints and colors to choose from. Plus there are so many different styles! They will fit everyone's personal preferences.

#7. More fun for Mom.

I know that not all moms are into shopping as much as some others that I know. But shopping for cloth diapers can be just so addicting!

#8. Better cushioning for baby's bum.

We all know that babies and toddlers have their fair share of bumps and spills! Cushy cotton provides a much softer "landing pad" than a flat paper diaper.

#9. Convenience.

I know a lot of people would probably laugh at the thought that cloth is more convenient! But think of how many times, you've had to send those sweet hubbies out for a late night store run for some diapers! What about when it's cold and you know you have only 5 diapers left! Wouldn't it be easier just to toss a load in the washer? You can purchase a simple diapering system that makes it similar to disposables as well! Plus no more funky contraptions to store dirty diapers. Just get a pail with a lid and you got a nice smell proof pail!

#10. Being a leader is much more fun than being a follower.

Stand out! Make a statement! Show off those cloth diapers and be the talk of the town! Need I say more!


jess said...

...and for those of us with a unique situation where we have a 4 year old in diapers, the savings are even greater. I also want to encourage people to knit their own soakers and pants because it's soo much cheaper. I can pay $95 for someone else to make them or I can do it myself for less than $20 for materials. (although I have supported wahm's on this in the past)
We only CD him at home or if we're on a road trip. We use pocket dipes whenever we can (when they're clean!) and they keep him dry all night.

Jen said...

Great post, Gena!!!

Anonymous said...