Week 3 already!

Yep that's right! The Mister has been left for another week. Of course, everything that can go wrong will go wrong when he is gone! Moms will never have it easy! I started getting sick on Saturday. While Stoney is gone, I have to feed the horse. Well it got out of the pasture. So you can just imagine, Ashley and me trying to get this horse back into the pasture! Then to top it all off, I got chased by a mouse! I HATE mice, spiders and snakes. Those are the three things that will send me flying! I had a high pressure hose and was on the phone with Stoney when the mouse started chasing me. I just started screaming and spraying it! All Stoney could do is laugh and say "Don't kill Fred!" YEAH RIGHT!

I also realized just how much Miss Sydnee misses her daddy. She came up to me tonight and pointed at his picture on my desk. She said, "daddy call." So we called daddy and she was very excited! It made his day as well.

So among my fun shenanigans, I've got some fun stuff planned for my readers. I am interviewing a couple WAHMs and I can't wait to share them with all of you!