Final Five!

Do you know what is so important about the number 5 this week! I have 5 weeks left til my husband's done! Technically I have 6 but I am hoping to be near him that final week. I want to spend a couple days with the kids until he graduates. I'm looking forward to it. The days aren't too bad right now. I have gotten into routine. The hardest part is Sundays. He leaves and I have to get the kids calmed down. Sydnee misses her daddy tremendously. This is also the last week that my stepkids are going to be here. The house is going to feel empty even with 4 kids! Don't mind his quirky personality. He is such a smart alec. :)

This weekend, I took Ashley and Isabelle to my sister's prom. Yes, we live in a small town and prom is a big event that families attend.